화장품~~ cosmetics~!

3 Apr

So, you’re in a foreign country and need some foundation… what do you do?

Well, let me just get this out of the way now. If you have tan or dark-colored skin… bring your own foundation and powders. I’ve never seen any in colors other than pale white, pink, or olive. There might be some specialty stores for these items in Seoul, but I’m sure you’ll be paying a premium, if they exist at all. o.o Also, if you have a special love for one kind of product, pack as much as you can, because there is never a guarantee that you’ll be able to find it abroad.

Anyways~ Korea loves cosmetics~ there are so many stores like Skin Food, Etude House, Aritaum, etc~ and a lot of them have mini-stores inside HomePlus and EMart! So convenient~~

While we’re talking about HomePlus… there are some things to note. They are partnered with British company Tesco, so there are lots of Western goodies to be had~ I would die without my Tesco Sensitive Wax Strips for my eyebrows~~ lovely and so easy to use! I also buy Clearasil face wash there, though you can find some of them in random cosmetics stores as well~ I swear by the Clearasil Fair Whitening Scrub~ I’ve tried everything and it’s the only thing that helps keep my face clear~

I love Etude House and their cute pink house design~ But these days I’m using a lot from Skin Food~ I use their “royal honey density powder pact”~ It’s so nice and smells like honey~~ ^.^ I also like their “Coffee Creamy” eye shadow~ it’s long lasting and light~ so smooth and it doesn’t flake or powder up like a lot of other eye shadows~ Another great thing about them is, they have English labels on most of their products, and they have an English website ^.^

So, what do you all like to use here? Any recommendations? ^.^


Medicine in Korea~

19 Mar

Medicine is a little bit hard when you’re living abroad~ especially when you’re unfamiliar or not fluent in the language… I have taken TONS of medicines in my 2+ years here, and wanted to share what I have found useful~~ If you have specific questions, or things you’d like to add~ please leave a comment ^.^

Where to go~

약국 Pharmacy /yahk-gook

Have you seen big signs that say “약” on them? 약 /Yak means medicine, and these places are pharmacies~ Be advised! They usually close around 8 or 9pm and they are usually closed on Sundays, as well.

병원 Hospital/ Byuhng-wuhn

치과 Dentist/ Chee-gwah

이비인후과 ENT (Ear, nose, and throat)/ Ee-bee-ihn-who-gwah

내과 /Internal Medicine Specialist/ Enterologist/ Gastroenterologist/ Nae-gwah

외과 /Surgeon /Wae-gwah

산부인과 /Gynecologist /Sahn-boo-ihn-gwah

(If you see something with “과” at the end of it… it’s some kind of hospital or specialist ^.^)

A hospital visit will run you less than ₩20,000, and sometimes much less~ Also, don’t be afraid to go to a specialist. With the national health care plan, they should be about the same price as a hospital (or a lot less) but will be a lot more direct and prepared for what you have than the generalized hospital will be ^.^


At the pharmacy~

tylenol/aspirin: “(바이엘) “아스피린” (bye-air) ah-seu-pee-reen”

( ₩2000-3000)

If you have a headache, which you will one day, you’ll be begging for an aspirin~ If you’re lucky, your school will have some on hand~ if not, please go buy some! Just ask for “ae-su-pee-rin” aka, konglish aspirin ^.^ It comes in a green and white box and is made by Bayer (as are most Western medicines). Also, the word for headache is 머리 아프다 (muh-ree ah-poo-dah)

birth control :마이브라 / 머시론 (my-beu-lah) (muh-shee-rohn)

( ₩6000-8000)

Lots of girls take birth control for many reasons, including health and such~ however, do not expect to buy this medicine without judgement. It is available at pharmacies (no prescription necessary!) but I was advised to purchase this far from my hagwon/school. This is because you never know who is a parent at your school, and you don’t want them to get the wrong idea about you or make a problem for you. The most common are Mercilon (머시론)and Myvlar (마이브라). They are both 28 pills packs and include NO PLACEBOS. They do have the days of the week written on them (in Korean).

medicine for times of sickness

diarrhea: 로페리드 (roh-pay-reed)

( ₩4000)

If you have upset stomach (which you probably will when you’re getting adjusted to a new and hectic schedule and new and spicy/greasy foods), this is the medicine I recommend the most! It is a yellow and white pill and you take two by mouth. It might take a couple of doses for full effect. You can eat it anytime, but before meals is best. If they don’t have it, the word for diarrhea is 설사 (seol-sah), and the word for stomachache is 배 아프다 (bae ah-poo-dah).

head cold?: 코싹 (ko-ssahk)

( ₩4000?)

Head colds are a common thing in Korea, especially for teachers, since kids don’t usually cover their mouths when sneezing and coughing… Be prepared. You might want to bring some medicine from home, because even the medicine at the doctor’s office will be pretty weak in comparison to the Western medicines you’re used to. I’ve gone through TONS of cold medicines, but I think this is the best. If you have a cold, here are some words to know: 감기 (gahm–gi/ cold), 기침 (gee-chim/ cough) 코물 (koh-mool/ runny nose/ phlegm), 목 아프다/ 목 쓰림 (mohk ah-poo-dah/ mok sseu-reem)

“한약 괜찮아요?” “Is Oriental Medicine okay?” “Han-yahk kwaen-chahn-ah-yo?”

Han-yahk (한약) is “Korean medicine” or “Oriental medicine”… It’s usually a packet of brown liquid (ginseng/ 인삼/ ihn-sahm) and tastes really earthy… People also drink this for stamina, energy and overall health. You might also get some brown pellets. These can be chewed or added to water (though they won’t really dissolve). I haven’t had much luck with Oriental medicine, personally… but if you aren’t too sick, why not give it a chance? I live in Daegu and it is known for Oriental medicine, so pharmacists here push it on you a lot, lol! Don’t be afraid to say “양약 주세요” (yang yahk joo-say-yo) “Western medicine, please” ^.^

감기에 조심하세요~! Be careful not to catch a cold~!

Another good ESL activity~

15 Feb

As mentioned in my other posts, I was asked to make the entire year of curriculum… After making most of it, I was told I only needed to make 3 months worth and repeat it, but this still doesn’t make sense to me, LOL. How can I teach the same quizzes and topics over and over? Anyways~ I’m sticking with my one year plan~~

There are typically four weeks in a month, so I have 3 weeks of study, and 1 special activity week~ I already outlined those~ but what to do with the 3 teaching weeks? Quizzes only take so long and when you don’t have a book, you have a lot of time to kill~

I decided to do:

origami (http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-for-kids.html)

word search (http://tools.atozteacherstuff.com/word-search-maker/wordsearch.php)

fill-in-the-blanks comics (http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/)

These are all good “time killers” but the last one is the one I think has the most merit~ Anyways, I went on the site and made 23 comics (2 per month, last month 1). I also printed out a completely blank one, so each month would be 2 fill-ins plus 1 DIY comic. The last week has 2 DIY comics so we can draw about Santa or something like that, lol~ They only print one per page, so I cut them out and taped them on paper… I also used the 4-panel layout~ Here are two of them~


For the older kids, I’ll give hint words, and for the younger kids, I’ll give full hints and let them match the hints to the pictures~ ^.^ Then they can color them if we have more time ^.^

What do you think? Do you have any good “time killers” or ESL work? Let me know and happy teaching! ^.^

Buying Shampoo in Korea~

7 Feb

So, as I’m sure many of you know, shopping can be difficult in a foreign country~ first of all, you don’t know the brands, so you don’t know what’s good and what’s not. Second, you can only guess from the pictures on the outside of the container as to what’s inside… This is okay for food and snacks (as long as you don’t have any allergies or moral convictions against certain foods~ I was a vegan for over a year and that was hard in Korea, lol). Anyway, I decided to post here about how to find the right (or the best?) shampoo for you! Below are key words and phrases to look out for, as well as some suggestions ^.^ Also, if you’re looking for conditioner, it’s called “rinse” here~ ^.^


This is what the shampoo aisle looks like at my local Homeplus ^.^ As you can see, lots to choose from~ ^.^

Words to look for: 


shampoo: 샴푸

rinse (conditioner): 린스


damage care – 손상 케어

dandruff care – 바듬 케어

for curly hair – 곱슬 거리는 모발용

for oily scalp – 지성 두피

for sensitive scalp – 민감성 두피

for thin and weak hair – 가늘고 힘없는 모발용

itchy scalp care-  가려움 케어

moisture care – 수분 케어

strengthening care – 모발 강화 케어

volume care – 볼륨 케어

My Recommendations:

If you have oily hair: I recommend Kerasys Salon Care: Volumizing Ampoule (red bottle)

If you have normal/ damaged hair: I recommend the Mise en Scene hair care line (all are gold bottles) or if you prefer something familiar, Pantene is easy to find as well

If you have dandruff: Most big stores (Homeplus/Emart/etc) have Head and Shoulders

Hope that helps! If you have any further questions, just leave a comment ^.^ Happy shampooing~!

A new, exciting, (and cheap) night out!

3 Feb

So, you’re tired of 노래방 (noraebang/ karaoke) and will puke if you get in a room with strobe lights one more time… You just want to hang out with your friends somewhere private but still full of fun things to do… What do you do?


멀티방!! Multi-room!!

I went to one last week and OMG so much to do and so cheap! For ₩6000 (about $7 USD) per person, you can…

1. play Wii

2. sing karaoke

3. watch movies

4. play online

5. eat free snacks

6. hang out


All in your own private and spacious room with a big, flat screen tv and booming speakers! The place I went to was color-coded, so every room was a different color~ They gave me and my man “the pink room,” probably because it was a date? LOL. Anyway, that’s why my pictures are pink and cutesy ^.^;

But yes, it was so much fun, and since I doubt anyone was such a hardcore gamer that they dragged their Wii through customs and over the ocean, it’s probably the only chance you’ll get to play video games outside of an arcade ^.^


It’s also super cheap, especially if everyone chips in ^.^ For example, a noraebang costs ₩15,000 – ₩20,000 per hour! (Side note: if your noraebang is ₩20,000+… it’s probably one where you can buy escorts to sing with and… other things. If that’s the price, walk out and find another one. I’ve literally been to one that had a bed in the hallway and personally witnessed two adults close the curtains around themselves >.> Awkward and dirty.)

So yes~ Of course, if you just want one of the things above, you can always check out~

singing -노래방

movies – (theaters- CGV, Primus, Lotte Cinema) (older movies -DVD방)

internet -PC방

Feel free to ask me any questions and enjoy the weekends! ^.^

So you’re told you have to make your own curriculum from scratch…

1 Feb

Well, this is a kind of weird thing, because usually schools and hagwons give their teachers a bunch of books and either a lesson plan (does this happen? I never got a lesson plan x.x) or a pat on the back and free reign. Sometimes, however, you are suddenly told one day that you’re not going to use books anymore and that all of your lessons for the year need to be pulled out of your back pocket, with the only resource being a computer, the internet, and your lovely self.

If you couldn’t tell… this happened to me yesterday, lol!

Well, it’s not too impossible to do, and if you work hard (or yoink my quizzes and speeches) you should be able to make your own year-long schedule pretty easily ^.^ Mind you, these are all elementary school students~ thank God I didn’t have to make more things for my middle schoolers are well >.> Here’s what my calendar looks like…

For the younger/lower-level students, I will do one quiz every two months. After four quizzes (8 months), I will do a month of review to see how much they remember (quiz 1 for 1st week, quiz 2 for 2nd…). Then I will take the last three months to work on the “All About Me” speech I posted under the Speeches tab ^.^

For the older/higher-level students, I will do one quiz a month, but I will intersperse them with speeches. So, six basic English quizzes (found in the quizzes tab above) and six speeches ^.^ The first three weeks will be fill-in-the-blanks, and the last week will be reading/reciting the speech.

I will also have a “fun” class once a month. I plan to put a big calendar on the board and have the last class of every month be a fun class.

Fun Day activities for each month

1. Lunar New Years games/ 2. writing valentines to mom and dad/ 3. making candy or snack/ 4. making origami flowers for Buddha’s Birthday/ 5. Children’s Day letter to parents/ 6. making a tissue box panorama about summer/ 7. July 4th outside games and sparklers/ 8. writing our “new school year” wishes and then burning them so they come true/ 9. Korean Thanksgiving games/ 10. making “my school day” comics and sharing with the class and snacks/ 11. American Thanksgiving, making hand turkeys and Pilgrims and Native Americans costumes/ 12. making snowflakes

What do you all think of my school curriculum? Any suggestions? Feel free to use any of my suggestions and materials as always~ And please comment ^.^


Classroom Decorations~

27 Jan

I finally finished my classroom decorations and decided to share them here with you to help give you some quick and easy ideas ^.^


This is a picture of my board~! I got the phonics ladders from “Confessions of a Homeschooler” who I mentioned in my earlier post (see her site here: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2010/10/letter-of-week-blend-ladders.html) and I got the full page pictures with helpful phrases from miscositas.com (which can be found with instructions and credits here: http://www.miscositas.com/perfectpasswords.pdf) ^.^

I printed everything and then laminated them. I then put velcro on the back so they would stick to the green board~ Cute, right? The fence decorations on the bottom were purchased by my boss, so I’m not sure where you can get them… perhaps a stationery store? Anyway, you can do whatever you like for decorations, even if you just wanted to print some green paper and cut it into the shape of grass~

As for the flowers and the sun in the middle…


I made these myself~ I found the cutout (as I said before) on google by searching “flower cut out” and the sun by searching “sun.” The word bubble was found by searching for “word bubble.” All of this was pretty easy, lol. I used colored paper in the regular printer and then cut out the shapes and used the back (the other side is dark from black ink). I cut out green lines and leaves that I drew on green paper, and then used the scraps of the other colors for the center of the flowers, and then laminated and velcroed them like the other decorations~ pretty easy ^.^

I separated my flowers into three groups:

the first two are classroom words: pencil (연필), pen (펜), chalk (분필), pencil case (필통), and paper (종이).

the second two are short and long vowel sounds with hangul (found in my last post)

the third two are “where” words: on (위에), in (안에), below (밑에), beside (옆에), above (위에), inside (안에), at (에), under (아래에), next to (옆에), on top of (위에).

I also made a very polite sun~~ He is saying “Don’t forget to say… Please, Thank you, Excuse me, I’m sorry, You’re welcome” but of course, he can say anything you want ^.^

Do you like my board? Link me to pictures of your class decorations, too! ^.^